Best Underwater Hotel Rooms In Maldives

The Maldives offers 2 options for guests who wish to sleep underwater. These 2 hotels are five star resorts that come with other luxury facilities and amenities. Apart from underwater bedroom there are amazing attractions in the hotel such as white sandy beaches, coral reefs for scuba diving, wellness programmes and many more to enjoy during the stay. One of these two, is a actually a private heaven that comes with 3 bedrooms of which 1 is underwater and remaining above the surface, it also comes with private pool and other luxury essentials within the residence.

Private Residence at Conrad Maldives

This is only 1 unit of this residence at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Named as the Muraka, meaning coral in local Dhivehi language, the villa comes with 3 bedroom and additional quarter for butlers and nanny. One of the bedrooms is located underwater with a glass dome and see-through bathroom. This makes this private residence one of the few underwater hotel rooms available in the Maldives.

Other 2 bedrooms are located above water, among them are 1 master bedroom and another twin bedroom for children. There is a private pool, kichen and dining facilities. The butlers quarter can accommodate 4 staff and nanny. There is also gym, all within the private residence of this lavish heaven. This abode can accommodate 4 adults and 2 children.

Conrad was the first resort that launched underwater restaurant in Maldives in 2005. After 13 years of successful and safe operation the resort launched its underwater hotel room on the same proven concept design that looks like a transparent dome. The news was covered on CNN and many international medias. Shape of this room is almost exactly the same as its restaurant.

Known as Ithaa, the underwater restaurants was one of the top attractions in the resort as well as the Maldives. Tourists staying in other resorts visit this wonder for special dinner, usually for birthday or anniversary celebration. What other location is better than this? This is a marvel that is special for a special events. Due to high popularity it requires prior reservation.

The private residence containing underwater bedroom is located at an isolated spot in Conrad Maldives where there are no other villas around. This makes this villa highly private and perfect for secret escapes. The private pool is the perfect place to watch sunrise as it faces almost straight towards east. The facilities on the surface mainly uses full length glass panels to offer mesmerising views while indulging in the interiors, especially the bathroom. There is a bathtub to relax and enjoy the view through the glass on 2 sides.